Green Energy Production Produces Sizeable Rebates

The library’s Solar Test-bed project qualifed for two alternative energy rebate programs for energy production in 2011. The larger rebate through the Arkansas Energy Office (AEO), was funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009.

Library staff reported solar power production to the AEO on a monthly basis. The value reported was the total kilo-watt hours of energy produced by the solar array each month. The total production for 2011 was 20,547 kWh netting the library a rebate of $30,821.10 paid in quarterly installments.

The second rebate was sponsored by library’s local electric service provider, AEP/Swepco. The rebate was for the same period, Jan – Dec, 2011 and totaled $3,592.60.

The library plans to save the solar rebate income to fund additional green projects and initiatives.

You may view real-time energy production information from the solar array by visiting SolrenView.

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